Marc Hermann

Always willing to learn, never afraid to ask


  • Product-minded Software engineer who loves to solve problems, help others, and make things people like to use.
  • Former science communicator with a physics degree, animator, and creative director, with more than a decade of experience working with clients and leading teams.
  • Based in Berlin, and happy to work remotely as well.

Other things I made

... that I am proud of

Kicker & Let’s Get Married The two that (re)started my journey into animation. When I wanted to get back into 3D I decided the best way to learn was to make a short film, and so I made Kicker. After the initial idea I read up on film theory, cinematography, editing before actually learning a 3D software, and then started to build the models and animate them. The whole process from idea to finish (ie.

Unimportant facts

In case you were interested.

Sports Over the last couple of years, sport has become an increasingly big part of my life, probably to counter the stress of being a father of two. I play football — or soccer, if you will — with a bunch of other tired fathers from the neighbourhood. While my own dad was an excellent footballer (on the cusp of becoming a pro in the 1970s) I only started playing a couple of years ago.